About me

I was born in Germany into a family closely linked to the study of the Humanities. I graduated in Clinical Psychology from the National Distance University and obtained a Master’s Degree in Health Psychology from the International University of La Rioja. Since then I have always continued studying.

Having been raised in a multicultural environment, I am able to serve my patients in three languages (Spanish, German and English).

Settled in the wonderful enclave of the Costa del Sol, in 2017 I founded the “Mental Health Marbella” Psychology and Psychiatry unit, which coordinates admissions to rehab centres and the patient follwo ups.

In my consultations in Estepona and Marbella we consider that each patient is unique. Therefore, each patient requires special treatment and intervention, going to private homes if they need it. My goal is that all my patients improve optimally from the beginning of the intervention, without feeling pressure and without going through unpleasant or difficult moments.

I have participated in several television talk shows on different current issues, such as anxiety disorders and self-esteem.

At the moment I am involved in my book “Simple steps to overcome anxiety” which will be published in a few months.

I say goodbye with this apt phrase:

“Change begins always in you”